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These are general questions for most cruise lines
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1. What do the cabins look like?
  Our standard cabin has one bed. The superior accommodations offer 2  beds and are larger than the standard. We also have a double-bedded cabin, which is the same size as the superior. Suites are the largest of our cabins with the configuration of either two twin beds or a queen size bed and a small sitting area, refrigerator and either a shower or bathtub. All cabins have private facilities for your comfort and convenience on the Bahamas Day Cruise.
2. May I bring my luggage on board for overnight stays?
  All luggage must be checked with the exception of carry-on items such as purses, attaché/brief cases and/or beach bags. Any luggage on wheels including roll-along suitcases must be checked and will be accessible upon arrival in Freeport, Grand Bahama Island.
3. May I order a cake for a birthday or anniversary?
  Cakes may be ordered 48 hours prior to the day of sailing. Cake orders and reservations need to be prepaid in full. The standard cake order is for parties of six or less, at a charge of $10.50 plus $2.50 service charge. Large orders may be accommodated at a charge of $1.75 plus .50 cents per person. Certificates will be issued for presentation in the dining room. All certificates will be held at the pier for pick up. Cake orders are available for buffet or deluxe dining.
4. May I order wine to be sent to our table or cabin?
  Wine may be ordered 48 hours prior to sailing. Both wine orders and reservations must be prepaid. A service charge will be automatically added to your check. There is an additional corkage fee of $2.50 for set up in cabin. Certificates are issued and held at the pier for pick up, to be presented to the wine steward aboard ship.
5. What if I change my plans and do not take the cake or wine?
  Special services are not refundable. We inform passengers of this at the time of booking.
6. May I reserve a table in the dining room in advance?
  Table reservations may be made for deluxe dining only. Passengers need see the Maitre d’ in the dining room upon boarding on the cruise returning from Freeport, Grand Bahama. Reservations are on a first come first served basis.
7. May we choose a cabin number now?
  Cabin numbers are assigned by category upon boarding. Passengers holding cabin reservations and cruise tickets should present themselves to the purser’s office upon boarding the ship.
8. Are alcoholic beverages included in the fare?
  No; however, provided with each meal service are coffee, tea and milk on the one day Bahamas cruise.
9. May we change to our bathing suits in the restrooms?
  We do not recommend the changing of clothing in these areas. However, cabins are available for additional comfort with a choice of accommodations. Also, lockers may be rented for the day, which offer public showers and changing rooms.
10. Do your waiters speak English?
  Our onboard staff speaks English and most are bilingual or trilingual for your convenience aboard the day cruise to Freeport, Grand Bahama.
11. May I use traveler’s checks on board ship?
  Traveler’s checks may be cashed on board at the purser’s desk.
12. Do you have an ATM machine on board ship?
  ATM machines are located in the ship’s lobby and Lucaya Casino.
13. Is there a show on the cruise?
  Our show with live entertainment is presented on the return portion of the cruise. Caribbean music is played on our top deck, and our band in the international lounge plays a variety of music. You can dance to: rock, popular old melodies, Caribbean rhythm, and salsa. On our top deck we have disco music playing.
14. Are your shows suitable for children?
  Our shows are for the enjoyment of the entire family. Announcements would be made in advance for any special entertainment, which is designed for adult entertainment, allowing for parental discretion.
15. I’m a vegetarian, what do you serve to accommodate me?
  You will find a variety of foods at our buffet to your advantage. For breakfast we serve hot and cold cereals, fruit and assorted breads and sweet rolls. On our lunch and dinner buffet we serve an assortment of fruit and salads, hot and cold vegetables and pasta dishes.
16. Do you use MSG in your food?
  No, we do not use the additive MSG in our food.
17. Would I be able to store my insulin on aboard ship?
  Our infirmary on board will assist in storing medication. You may also bring a small hand held cooler to store medication and we will provide you with ice if necessary.
18. May I bring oxygen on board?
  Yes, prior notification needs to be made to our Operations department so that arrangements can be made.
19. I am a police officer; may I bring my gun on board?
  No, weapons are not permitted aboard ship either for a 1 or 3 day Bahamas cruise.
20. Do you have skeet shooting aboard ship?
  No, we do not offer skeet shooting; However, there are lots of deck activities for you to enjoy aboard our 1 day Bahamas cruise.
21. Are there non-smoking areas aboard ship?
  Yes, we have non-smoking sections in public areas, including The Starlite Showroom. Dining rooms are completely non-smoking.
22. Will I receive a refund if I do not use my deluxe dining ticket?
  Yes, if your deluxe dinner coupon is still attached to your ticket.
23. Are kosher meals available for sale on board?
  Kosher meals are available for dinner and are served in our Grand Bahama Grill dining room for a $21 charge per person. Reservations for kosher meals must be made 72 hours prior to sailing.
24. Are there any duty free shops in Freeport?
  Yes, duty free shopping is available in Freeport and aboard the ship. Full advantage may be taken for passengers who stay over night for 48 hours or longer.
25. Are the shops open in Freeport on Sunday and holidays?
  On holidays some straw market vendors and the gift shop on board the ship are always open. However, the majority of the shops in Freeport are closed on Sundays and holidays.
26. What type of currency is accepted on the island?
  U.S. dollars are accepted by everyone. You will not need to exchange any currency.
27. May I use my cellular phone on board ship?
  Cell phones are generally out of reach after departure and do not work in the Bahamas.
28. What are the seas like or what is the weather today?
  We suggest http://www.forecast411.com